Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Ride

sunday afternoon in mid-october...after what seems like a month of rain i escaped to dillon for a relaxed afternoon ride as the colors are starting to turn and the air is turning crisper and crisper as we tick off the days of autumn...i rode solo today as dillon was just a short little side trip from my mom's house where vera was dropped off for an afternoon of pampering....i had forgotten about all the roots and mainly rocks at dillon but it was one of those days and everything rolled so smoothly under the tires allowing me to truly enjoy the beauty of the day and the solitude of the woods...seriously i only saw two riders during my time on the trails...but squirrels, they were everywhere darting up and down trees, across the trails, under the leaves, here, there and everywhere...i pulled to the side of the trail to let the two bikers pass in the opposite direction and randomly look down to see this heart rock staring back at more thing to bring a smile to my face...

and to top of the ride, i get back to my mom's to find a hot plate of chicken and mashed potatoes ready for dinner and a tired, tired vera....i have been trying to motivate myself to post about squam but it still seems like just yesterday so my next installment will be all about my most memorable excursion to new hampshire.