Sunday, July 13, 2008

journal swap....

it's been a while since my last post...but i have kept busy...
we had a ball at the campanelli wine party and came away with an order for 6 bottles of wine...yes, two are already missing:

we celebrated celebrated heather, mike and kaj's birthday:

i picked emerson up at the airport for his summer visit to ohio:
i had a quick work trip out to napa...we arrived just as the wild fires were subsuding:

fun 4th of july celebration:

celebrated kelly's birthday at BD's :
yes, this picture is from last winter but we didn't have a camera at the restaurant last i decided to post a picture of kelly with one of her furry friends...honey....honey is heather's dog but frequently visits Good Manor and makes us smile.

cookout at the campanelli's with this handsome little man:
enjoyed dinner at my mom and mike's, followed by dominoes and pie when deb and kelly arrived:

so you are up to following artfest it was decided lani would make the four of us journals to create in and then is the wonderful journal lani made for me...i am sure ellen and kim have or will have their repestive journals posted...check them out. my journal will go to lani next and as fate would have it, we will see her in ann arbor next sunday so i finished my first page and it is ready to be move along, it will visit ellen and then kim before it returns for my second entry.

last but not least, we mourn the loss of our favorite momma kitty~ wilma jolene

aka willy

aka spooky wilma or my favorite...willy mo pena... ...we will miss you.......