Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fun in the Woods

I spent a good deal of the weekend in the woods around Central OH...Saturday was a little wet and Sunday a little chilly but definitely one of my favorite places to be...Sunday we were working on some alternate routes as the mountain biking trails at Alum Creek to make the trails a bit more user friendly for beginning riders....we started the day working in the balmy 10 degree weather but were quickly warmed up with the hike back to the work site, moving bridges and benching some new trail. Here are a couple shots -- above alternate route around the log pile, below we moved the bridge to make a better approach and the picture is still a WIP but it is covering a black corrugated pipe we used to ride over.

Monday, February 16, 2009

It's February and I'm Back

Where have I been? Well, Christmas - my birthday - New Year's and January have passed without a single blog entry...I have been here just not in the blogging sort of mood -- did I have time? yeah, pretty much...pictures to post? yep, had them too..who knows just took a little blog hiatus but here are a few shots of what has been going on in my world:

christmas eve:

Ellen & Co.'s trip to Good Manor:

New Year's at SharonAndrews...photos courtesy of sharonandrews herself:

and the January snow:

Not pictured is the superbowl party at my mom's attended by kim, deb and kelly to name a few...deb's birthday celebration at moretti's and of course this weekend's valentine's day party...since my last blog i have also joined facebook, wanna be my friend? LOL...it is pretty funny though to see who all comes out of the woodwork. hmm, what else? oh, yes -- my new year's resolution...watch more movies...that will be another post. but my favorite so far..to kill a mockingbird...who knew there were so many references out there to this movie...i can't believe it has taken me this long to watch it...now i need to read the book.

what next? a lot going on this year...mountain bike racing..both in and out of state...gotta get in shape...artfest in april, mtn bike trip to NC in late april, valley ridge in june, back to squam (YIPPEE!!) in september and a few others thrown in...this and a lot more in store for 2009...and I promise, my next post will not be so delinquent.