Saturday, August 22, 2009

summer 2009

well i am back and can't believe i have not posted since may - but the summer has seemed to pass just that quickly. i had grand plans of posting of our wonderful trip through chicago and onto valley ridge for a week. but really what more can be said about valley ridge??? it is truely a place to get away, to feel the magic and beauty of what wisconisin has to offer and then add the smiles, love and laughter that kathy and bill to make the whole VR experience surreal and new time and time again. chicago was, well as expected, a lot of laughs and general foolery with laura and jane. we can alway shave a good time regardless if it is two hours or two days.

unfortunately, i had a mtb crash just before going to wisconisin so my riding was cut short due to some residuals and then was ordered off the bike until July -- man, was that tough - to feel OK but not have an outlet for all that physical energy---but do not fret I am back on my bike and note taking another chance to ride this year for granted.
the summer has been and interesting one for me to say the least. i have worked a lot on getting to know myself which has really enriched my relationships with many and opended the door to new ones...have i changed? have you noticed a difference?? maybe yes and maybe no - but i embrace the opportunity to be able to start each day with a smile on my face and an eagerness to start the new adventure of the day. so, ok. yes, I may have chnaged a little and a mere couple of months ago would not have published this for the world to see...i have learned that being true to yourself can make all the difference...i will embrace my life for what it is and make the most of everyday....enjoy a few shots of summer mixed in a slew of self portraits courtesy of my blackberry, darius.