Friday, May 22, 2009

after watching a discovery channel special with deb and kelly in the dead of winter, we have all been planning a trip to check out the beaches in erie for some beach glass treasures, sure we did not repel down the ocean side cliff and collect strainers and strainers of glass as they did in oregon but we did collect a little glass and had our own little adventuresome rumble (or tumble in deb's case) down to the last had the beach glass find of the trip, stop by her blog to see her yellow treasure...but we all came away with some glass, heart rocks, smooth rocks and other unique finds...we hit a few of my favorite erie county spots...arts bakery has the worlds best iced sugar cookies, a must stop. in an effort to keep this a low budget trip and competing with local graduations we ended up staying at the microtel, yes i typed that right the microtel -- it was not as bad as anticipated we did have microrooms but they were clean microrooms so all was well in hotel land. a quick trip to the erie cemetary to snap a few shots before we headed back to ohio. back in ohio we spent the week in anticipation of kim's new arthroscopy which i can report was successfully completed the rehab begins but we have to accelerate the process so kim is ready for our june much anticipated excursion to wisconsin and valley ridge...we are counting down the days!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Nest of Stones

since moving into good manor we have been blessed by the ever present killdeer...the killdeer make their nests on the ground typically in stone and gravel. the first year at good manor, we had our first experience with the killdeer and their nests. the killdeers defense/protection mechanism is diversion, if their nest is in danger they will move away from their nest acting as if their wing is injured, squawk loudly, and even roll on the ground for added effect...yes, i was fooled the first time this happened but after a little research was very impressed by the little guys acting skills. this year a pair of killdeer have decided our driveway was the perfect place to lay their eggs...first one, then two and finally all four. the incubation period is 24 to 28 days which puts their hatching date smack dab in the middle of our trip to valley ridge, hopefully the family will still be around when we return but by then the little ones will be off and running. unlike most birds, killdeer are in their eggs longer and come out eyes open ready to fend for themselves...i really hope we get to see them upon our return to good the meantime, our wheelbarrow sits right in the middle of our turn around to protect the nest from unsuspecting vehicles.

we are off to erie this weekend to explore some beaches with deb and kelly...looks like it may be a soggy treasure hunt but we are always up for an adventure!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wood Turning - Take One

Last week I took my first wood turning class and I am hooked...already checking Craigs List for used wood lathes. I was of course the odd one out in class, three retired men and one guy in his mid-forties all telling old shop class stories....but I am ready for my next class...ready for more pens, then spindles, then bowels and pepper mills...the possibilities are endless. I was looking at an on-line woodturning catalog today and saw a couple kits that I already have ideas on how to alter and put my own spin on it or would it be turn on it...ok are a couple shots of the process...of course I did not get a shot of the blank before we started but you will get the idea.............stay tuned for more.............

Friday, May 1, 2009

spring travels

settling back into life at good manor after an april full of travel...i spent a week, well week and a half, traveling to north carolina, california and then back to north carolina. the first part of my trip was spent riding and camping with my COMBO mountain biking friends. the weather couldn't have been better and the trails were picture perfect. yes, there was a lot of climbing but what goes up...must come down.....after getting my dirt fix, i headed west to spend a couple wonderful days in the mountains with a sweet, sweet friend - noreen even made an appearance here and there and provided us with several laughs - all kidding aside i felt so at home in this little part of the world - it truly was beautiful and mesmerizing. my carolina trip was interrupted by a quick business trip to napa but after flying overnight on thursday, i arrived back in asheville safely, albeit a bit tired. it was so nice to be welcomed back to the mountains with open arms...saturday's drive on the parkway will never be forgotten, nor will the congested jaunt through cherokee...what a sight!! i know i have said it before but thank you nina for a wonderful visit to your mountains....plenty of beauty along with a good deal of laughter...i can't think of a better way to usher in spring.