Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Three and a half action packed days, not enough sleep but as I sit here ready to jump into the work week ahead, I do feel refreshed and ready to go. It could be the fact it"s a short week or that Lani will be arriving from Novia Scotia on Thursday or our upcoming departure for New Hampshire less than a week...but most of all it is the wonderful weekend filled with friends...old and new. The weekend started off with a wedding on Saturday, a quiet Saturday night with Kim and a good bottle of wine but the highlight was Sunday night's fire. We had our normal cast but extended a warm 2000 degree welcome to Jen, Stefani, Amy and Steve. We have started losing the sun earlier and earlier, the evening temperatures are cooling off all signs of the start of fire season at Good Manor - so keep those weekend night open because if we are in town there is always the possibility of a spontaneous gathering.